REL210: Introduction to Buddhism (Northwestern, Winter 2021)

This course offers an introduction to Buddhist history, culture, philosophy, and practice. We explore the major doctrinal varieties of Buddhism, from its inception through the rise of the Mahayana and Tantric or Vajrayana traditions. Our readings of primary sources offer close engagement with Buddhist ideas and practices, allowing us to understand how the religion shaped the ways people in pre-modern Asia saw and interacted with their worlds.

REL200: Introduction to Hinduism (Northwestern, Fall 2020)

This course will examine the breadth of the Hindu traditions as they have developed over time, highlighting the major elements that characterize them collectively, such as ritual sacrifice (yajña), world renunciation (saṃnyāsa), law (dharma), spiritual discipline (yoga), devotion (bhakti), worship (pūjā), and theology. We will pay particular attention to how these traditions have contributed to the development of modern Hinduism.

ASTU 201 Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Cultural Studies (UBC, Fall 2018)

An interdisciplinary introduction to the cultures of Canada and Japan, and the interrelations between them. Specific topics vary from year to year but will include themes such as constructing the past; nationalism; self-perceptions; cross-cultural perceptions; multiculturalism in Canada and Japan; images in architecture, film and literature; mythologies.